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Company History


Computer Products for Education (CP4E) grew from an idea to provide computer related products to high school science classrooms. We now design and manufacture a variety of products for schools, industry and the model train hobby.


We also sell our products on eBay. We use the eBay name in our eBay Quiz Bowl and eBay Quiz Bowl Pro products. Everyone today is familiar with the word eBay. The eBay site is where these two quiz bowl products have been sold since their creation. We now offer them for sale here as well as on eBay.





If you are looking for a quiz bowl system that is affordable and easy to use, take a look at our eBay Quiz Bowl. It connects to a free USB port on your computer. The whole system is very compact and easy to transport and store.



eBay Quiz Bowl




We have a NEW quiz bowl product called eBay Quiz Bowl Pro. It works with a computer and has 12 players (expandable to 24 players). The unit is powered from the computer and includes our new Connect software game.


eBay Quiz Bowl Pro





If you are a model train enthusiast please take a look at our Train Products page. We have a number of unusual products.


Train Products



We have a new Pinewood Derby product that does not use a computer but will still tell you who was the winner of your race.


Pinewood Derby Winner


It is not a timer and does not need a computer.


If you hate computers then you will love this product.




Pinewood Derby Winner




We have made improvements to our Pinewood Derby Timer. We redesigned the electronics circuitry and can now accommodate tracks with as many as 4 cars racing at once.


The software does not need Excel and stores the information entirely in the program.


Use the included webcam to take pictures of the cubs.



Basic PWD Timer



If you need to time any school sporting events then Event Timer Pro (ETP) may be for you. The ETP system uses the same circuitry as our Pinewood Pro Timer system. And MS Excel is still used to store the time information.


However the big difference with the ETP system is in its sensors. The ETP sensors make use of laser technology.



Event Timer Pro



Another exciting product is Alzheimer Software or Senior Memory Refresher Software. If you have an older relative who suffers from memory loss this product is for you. Click on this link: Alzheimer Software


Alzheimer Software





Computer Products for Education continues to respond to the needs of its customers by developing innovative products that improve and enhance life everywhere.


Please visit this website often to learn of new products and developments.



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